Wednesday, December 06, 2006

LINKS: UK Term Extension -- latest

UK Term Extension -- latest: "

The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property will be released today. I’ll post when it is up.

Meanwhile, you can read two reports the Review commissioned. One is a fantastic report about the economics of term extension. You can download it here.

The second is a report about Orphan Works (I’ve not read this yet). You can get it here.

My piece in the Financial Times today about the report is here. The punch line:

There are some who believe that copyright terms should be perpetual. Britain did the world a great service when it resolved that debate almost 300 years ago, by establishing one of the earliest copyright regimes to limit copyright to a fixed term. It could now teach the world a second important lesson: any gift of term extension should only go to those who ask.


(Via Lessig Blog.)


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