Tuesday, November 28, 2006

LINKS:TiVo ads at the end of programs

EXTRA NOTE: This is the product TiVo wanted me to work on. In my dealings with the company I am unsure how successful both the product and the overall company will be. Maybe my case is unique but from what I could tell the company lacked organization and was basically attacking fires as they came up.

TiVo ads at the end of programs: "

Today TiVo announced 'Program Placement' or ads inserted at the end of a recorded program when you are deleting the program.

Overall, it sounds less annoying than other ideas floated about ad inserts, since it's in a little-used section of a single TiVo menu. I haven't seen it yet, but hopefully the ad instance doesn't interfere with the ability to delete a show, because if 'Show Me More Info About $Advertiser was the default highlighted option, I could see it being a big problem. If it's the bottom option to read more about something or just a banner graphic above the choices to delete, it'll probably be easy to ignore.

Anyone got any screenshots of this in action?


(Via PVRblog.)


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